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Our laser-guided vehicles integrate perfectly with any palletizing end-of-line system, thanks to a wide range of highly modular and flexible solutions. Our automated guided vehicle system is equipped with advanced LGV technology that provides greater precision and automation for manufacturing operations. With our automated guided vehicle system in your warehouse, you can improve production speeds and efficiency and reach output goals with more consistency.


Auriga Counter Balanced

Auriga CT are counterbalanced vehicles with forks. These vehicles are designed for transporting any type of product.

These vehicles are designed for transporting any type of product. The Auriga CT range goes from the smaller model, Auriga 8 CT, ideal to move in reduced space with load capacity of 1,750 lbs. (800 kg), to larger models, such as Auriga 45 CT, used to transport 3 pallets with maximum load capacity of 9,900 lbs. (4.500 kg).

Auriga Stabilizer

Auriga Z are vehicles with forks, equipped with load stabilizers which increases the load capacity without using bulky mechanical structures.

The machine models are designed to transport any type of product. The range goes from the traditional Auriga 25 Z, which moves two pallets simultaneously or an horizontal paper reel, up to the larger Auriga 60 Z, which moves heavy loads up to 13,200 lbs. (6.000 kg).


Auriga Conveyors

Auriga C range are vehicles equipped with chains, rollers or rubber belt conveyors.

Our conveyor vehicles are designed to move the product from one conveyor to another. The Auriga C range goes from Auriga C1, which transports one single pallet, up to the larger Auriga C4, which transports 4 pallets simultaneously.

Auriga Power Stacker

Auriga PS is an automatic laser guided vehicle with covered forks.

In low position, the forks cover the rear wheels just like an electrical pallet truck. Thanks to the wheels position in relation to the load being carried, the PS model can move up to 3300 lbs, while being a machine of reduced dimensions. Auriga PS is therefore ideal to work in reduced space, between production lines for instance, or in warehouses as well.


Auriga Reach Truck

Our industrial-type and fully automated reach truck.

Auriga 14RT-H is our industrial-type and fully automated reach truck, with OCME’s technology solutions for navigation, handling and safety aspects. Auriga 14RT-H vehicle is used to work at significant heights and in reduced space.




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