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Our fully integrated strapping and wrapping systems provide the single best load containment solution on the market. Our machines can work as one system using one or more control cabinets depending on your application. The Strap and Wrap system offers the versatility to select the right load conta inment program for each of your loads. Some loads may require wrapping only, others strapping only or a combination of both technologies. With the Wulftec strap & wrap solutions, all possible configurations are available to ensure your product is safeguarded in the best way.


It's important to compare what's available before choosing your equipment provider.


It's also important to get the best value for your investment. Why save a few bucks on a stretch wrapper if it can't handle the workload? A stretch wrapper that constantly breaks down can't guarantee a secure wrap, and it certainly won't help you ship products on time.


When it comes to strength and flawless performance, no other manufacturer can compare to Wulftec. That's because only Wulftec stretch wrappers, strapping systems and pallet handling solutions are backed by the Wulftec Advantage. Just ask any client who relies on a Wulftec equipment to keep its production rates at maximum efficiency: You simply can't get better value for your money.

Strapping System

Orion is known in the industry for our willingness and ability to develop custom stretch wrapping machines for specialty applications. We work with customers to apply our state-of-the-art stretch packaging technology to their unique (custom) application. As a result, some of these custom stretch wrapper systems have, in turn, become standard specialty models.

Thus, making custom stretch wrap packaging available to industries that, otherwise, would have continued to rely on other unitizing means such as:

  • Strapping

  • Corrugated

  • Shrink Bundling


Pallet Handling

Do you know that Wulftec offers a complete line of high performance fully automatic Pallet handling solutions?




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